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There are some fascinating pieces of technology that are hitting the market, either in relation to solar or just in the “smart-home” space. You may be aware of some of these products relating to home security, home entertainment, etc. Our main curiosities lie within the energy space as you can imagine, so that is where we will focus the content of this article.

Smart circuitry within the main breaker panel may prove to be a reliable method for cutting energy usage within the home. Imagine being able to shut off specific circuits at specific times of the day. You could also monitor those circuits to see the usage for each. In that way, you can both keep your home on an energy routine and adjust when desired.

Smart circuitry and whole-home energy monitoring provide you with the tools necessary to get very specific about your energy usage. To view some examples of these “smart-home” features, check out the following products: Leviton Smart Circuits (, Generac PWRview (, and Sense (

Those are just a few examples of how smart-home technology is advancing in the energy consumption monitoring space. If you’d like to learn more specifically about how energy monitoring works in conjunction with solar, visit the following article.

To tease out something a little further on the horizon, there are some promising technologies in the solar/battery space that have us very excited! Namely, we are looking forward to the integration of weather prediction and battery storage. Imagine you have a solar array and battery cabinet in your home. Through coordination with local weather reports and predictions, future software implementation will make it possible for your inverter to make some adjustments to ensure the battery is fully charged instead of directing excess solar energy back to the grid. That way, if you experience a power outage because of the incoming storm, your inverter has already taken the precautions to get that battery charged without you lifting a finger!

Solar, battery, and smart-home technology is advancing at a rapid pace! We are very excited to help our customers link these technologies with clean, sustainable solar power in their homes. If you’re interested in learning more about how solar can work intelligently with your home, schedule a conversation with an energy advisor today!

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