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This is an important question to consider when you are exploring solar for your home and is not typically addressed by the average salesperson. Since we at Rectify Solar would like to be fully transparent in our discussions, we will be upfront about the other financial impacts resulting from a solar installation.

Depending on the manufacturer of the solar panel that you choose, warranties will vary from one to the other. You will often see warranties for 25 years, and in some cases, those panel manufacturers will also pay for the panel replacement and any labor included in swapping it out.

There is a long process involved after you sign a contract for solar. There is a lot of paperwork to be done from permitting, ordering materials, a site inspection, a structural assessment, among other pieces to take you from contract to installation. Most homeowners are required to have a $1,000,000 policy on the home to move forward with the installation. If you do not have that in place already, often the payment difference is nominal. You can check with your insurance representative to confirm the potential increase prior to the contract being signed, but that will be a part of the post-sale process.

During your conversation with an energy advisor, you can ask that question ahead of time. The right professional will make sure it is addressed prior to you pulling the trigger on an installation.

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