Rectify, LLC is a family-owned business with offices in Indianapolis, Indiana and Campbell, California.  We strive to promote energy efficiency, sustainability, and help our customers save money with solar installations, battery systems, electric vehicle charging stations, insulation, roofing and more.

With a heritage of 1,000+ completed solar installations and 10+ years experience, we are confident that you will be pleased with our high-quality installations and your beautiful, reliable, award-winning system.  We offer zero down financing for ANY energy efficiency upgrade when paired with solar*.  We offer an unmatched 25-year warranty on our solar products and a 10-year warranty on our installation services.

Safety and quality is our top priority. That’s why we are trained in OSHA safety, as well as certified by the EPA in lead safety.

Meet The Team

Phil Teague

NABCEP Advanced, IU Grad, 2015 Green Light Award Winner, 2017 SBA Emerging Leaders, 2019 Energy News 40 under 40 Award.

Phil is originally from Bloomington, Indiana, where he attended Indiana University and received a BS in Nutrition and Chemistry.  Upon graduation Phil worked in SPEA in their Environmental Research lab, where he collected and analyzed data for the EPA on CO2 emissions and water contamination of pesticides and PCBs of the great lakes area.

Due to his high student loan debt, and tired of working 4 part time jobs with a college degree; in 2007 he accepted a job working in an oil refinery.  It was this experience that gave him the perspective that he current has and why he started Rectify.  Read all about this path HERE. In 2013, as well as building Rectify he was enrolled in school to obtain a degree in Energy Engineering, but as it turned out, in his 3rd semester of school business with Rectify picked up much faster than he had anticipated, and quit school and started working full time in the growth and expansion of the Rectify mission.

Phil is a Board Member of the Indiana Renewable Energy Association (InREA). He’s helped to coordinate solar tours, has been a panelist for the solar industry for the Monroe County Builders Association, for the Sierra Club, IUPUI and given multiple solar presentations to schools, non-profits, and businesses throughout the state.

Frank Teague

NABCEP Advanced, California C-10 Licensed, Vincennes University Grad, installing since 2007

Frank graduated from Bloomington High School North, where he attended Hoosier Hills Career Center for Building Trades and Architectural and Mechanical drafting. After receiving top honors at the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) building competition, he further pursued his aspirations in the construction Industry by graduating from Vincennes University with a degree in Construction Technology. In 2002 he was hired at a remodeling company in Martinsville, IN where he was able to put his skills to use. He joined the Sheet-Metal Union apprentice program in 2004.

2006 was a big turning point in his life, moving across the country to Santa Cruz, CA, where he initially worked for a developer doing Quality Control work, and quickly moved into the role of Superintendent. He realized being efficient on a job site made a huge impact on quality and overall performance, and decided to incorporate his new found love for efficiency in all aspects of his life. In 2007 Frank started installing Photovoltaic Systems for one of the top solar installation companies in the nation. There, he led installation teams performing approximately 500 installs in three years. He ended the company’s installation era as the Safety and Training Coordinator/Technician. In 2011, he began training companies all over the globe on how to install award winning solar panels. 2012 saw him become the company’s California C10 license holder. Approaching the summer of 2013, Rectify Solar, LLC became a sure thing. That year Frank became EPA – RRP Certified, which ensures compliance to maintain a safe working environment free from lead. In 2014, Frank became a trained Home Energy Audit Inspector.

John LeBlanc

VP, Sales

John is from the Metro Detroit area where he attended Central Michigan University and Majored is Exercise Science and Minored in Coaching. He spent 11 years in the health and fitness industry before moving into Solar. He has an appreciation not only for improving one’s overall health, but a new found passion of taking care of the environment as well. He was introduced to Rectify Solar in October of 2022 and was intrigued by Phil’s vision for the company and the reasoning for the name Rectify. It was then he decided to join the team and help connect others to this philosophy.

John is a dedicated father, husband, and servant style leader who is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. As a coach and self-motivated individual, he is known for his excellent communication skills and positive attitude, which inspire and motivate those around him. As an integrator and team-oriented leader, John is able to bring diverse perspectives together and achieve results through collaboration and cooperation. He is customer-driven with a strong ability to solve problems and deliver a great customer experience.

In addition, John is also known for his personal traits of caution and reflection, which enable him to be factual, optimistic, and stable in his decision-making especially when helping customers. He is a patient and diplomatic leader with a balanced, open-minded approach, and he is consistently accurate and systematic in his work. Overall, John is a well-respected and reliable individual who is deeply committed to serving others and achieving excellence in all that he does.

Alvin White

VP, Operations

Alvin White came to Rectify Solar with over 20 plus years of experience in global and domestic operations driving profitability, savings, and bottom-line results. He brings a deep understanding of continuous improvement methodologies, logistics, fulfillment, transportation, supply chain management, materials management, and supplier relations.   

Originally from Richmond, IN. Alvin and his family relocated to the Indianapolis area in 1993 where he continues to reside today. When he is not focusing on his work, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing the drums, grilling, traveling and being outdoors.  

Alvin prides himself in actively working to increase leadership acumen across organizations and building capacity within others to reach their full potential.  He is a graduate of Richmond Senior High School. He earned his first degree in Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) from ITT Technical Institute and later went on to Indiana Wesleyan University to earn a second bachelor’s degree in business administration and a Master of Science in strategic management.

Michael Indiano

Managing Energy Consultant

After a career in Sales, Business Development and as an Entrepreneur, one of the most important lessons Michael has learned is understanding how a company fits into the market, where the opportunities are to increase profits and what that company needs to do to get there. He uses technology and creativity to improve and differentiate business offerings.

In sales and as an entrepreneur, he loved to get results—whether it was in selling, training, implementing technology or re-designing business offerings to take to market. Given his role as Managing Energy Consultant, he is not only doing what comes naturally to him, but is also doing what he enjoys in a new and ever-changing field.

Rob Cornes

Marketing Director

With over a decade of experience in marketing, communications, and design, Rob brings a plethora of tools, techniques, and strategies to ensure Rectify has an established and professional brand in the marketplace. Staying connected to our customers and community is important and Rob has helped expand that connection since being with the company.

Rob was born and raised in the UK and currently lives in San Marcos, CA with his wife and two sons. When Rob is not obsessing about the next marketing project you will find him out on the trails hiking and mountain biking.

"Our solar panels are beautiful and we're producing all of our own power plus extra energy for the grid. The folks at Rectify are truly awesome people and we couldn't be happier with our system."

Lanette Erby-Abbott

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Our Mission

We strive to safely provide energy efficiency solutions and services to facillitate the greatest economic benefit for our customers, which also promote the wealth and health of the environment.


With a heritage of 1000+ completed solar installations and 10+ years experience, we are confident that you will be pleased with our quality installations and your beautiful, reliable, award winning system.

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We commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline set with our clients. We use the best of technology and tools to ensure that all jobs are done quickly but also giving attention to details and ensuring everything is done correctly.

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We are confident that you will be pleased with our quality installations and your beautiful, reliable, award winning system.


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