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A hybrid inverter has a triple functionality. This includes, providing all the benefits of a grid tied inverter, plus, it will simultaneously charge and discharge a battery, and lastly provide power to a back-up panel. The loads on the back-up panel will be powered when the grid is up, and when it goes down, internal circuitry of the inverter shuts off the grid-tied portion and leaves all the power capabilities for the solar + storage system to power those circuits on the back up panel.  The battery system discharges throughout the day and night, and then recharges during the day.

Hybrid inverters also have various other settings that can be utilized. The ability to self-supply energy will limit the exportation of power to the grid, and it is an important cost savings feature for someone who does not have net metering, has a Rural CO-OP utility, or is in a location which has Time of Use rates.

Most hybrid inverter manufacturers are building out the integrations to allow the ability to add a backup generator to work with the Solar + Storage system.

Here at Rectify, we are excited about this possibility because we are finally able to provide an ALL-IN solution to fill in the gap and bridge what most of our customers have always been seeking….

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