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When exploring options for batteries that work in conjunction with your solar panel installation, there are several things to consider in your conversation with an energy consultant. Costs can vary depending on the manufacturer and sizing of the battery system installed.

You can typically expect to spend anywhere between $10,000 – $17,000 for a fully installed battery cabinet.

You will also need to think about how much power you would want to have in the case of a power outage or to get you through the night in more of an “off-grid” scenario. It is also important to have a pathway for the back-up energy in place, whether that is to a specific set of circuits or to your entire circuit breaker panel.

Advancements in the Industry

Regarding the price point in batteries over time, it is anticipated that there will be more technological advancements in this industry. It is also expected that with an increase in the supply of Lithium-Ion modules, there will also be a decrease in price and increase in efficiency. If you think about the change in cost, size, and efficiency for the battery in your cell phone or laptop over the past 10 years, you could anticipate a similar pathway for solar batteries.

Develop a Long Term Strategy

When you are considering a battery installation along with a solar installation, it is important to develop a long-term strategy, so you do not have to do as much retrofitting in the future. Your utility may also be able to buy back your excess energy through what is called net-metering. To learn more about how net-metering works, click here.

Types of Battery Systems

There are two primary types of battery systems, AC-coupled and DC-coupled. To learn more about the differences between them, both in efficiency and cost, you can check out our other article on the topic here.

At Rectify, our goal is to inform you of options and assist in developing that long-term plan and strategy when it comes to solar and battery options.

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