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How Solar Works

  1. Energy from the sun reaches your solar panels and is instantly converted into DC electricity.
  2. The electricity flows through an inverter box where it is changed into safe-for-your-home AC power.
  3. You use the power generated by your home. Net metering allows you to utilize excess power generated during periods of time without sun.

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What You Will Learn:
01: What Is Solar Energy and How Do Solar Panels Work?
02: Mounting & Racking
03: Understanding Solar Panel Modules
04: Inverters & Monitoring
05: What Is Solar Net Metering and How Does it Work?
06: The Ideal Site & The Acceptable Site
07: I Got The POWER!
08: ROI & Financial Incentives
09: Battery Systems: DC Coupled vs. AC Coupled
10: The Future of Solar
11: Your Bridge To Efficiency and Sustainability
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