Lock-In Net Metering Before It’s Too Late!

Net Metering Important Deadlines!

Did you know that several utilities are changing their netmetering rules?
Some of these paperwork submission deadlines are happening in a month!

All IN Investor-Owned Utilities (AES/IPL, Duke, and a few others):
Signed contract by May 22nd 2022

lock-in net metering

For perspective, even California’s PG&E is likely changing up the rules following federal trends. While we don’t know exactly the timeline there, it’s safe to assume that we’re in a “sooner the better” phase of solar energy when it comes to capturing netmetering before it goes away!

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Are you not sure about how netmetering works? We’ve created a number of articles in our Knowledge Center that address this and other FAQ’s. Read the Net Metering article.