Many homeowners want to save money on energy, but solar energy can sound confusing and expensive. At Rectify Solar, we believe that every family should have a simple way to control their energy bill.

You need a way to take a stand for what powers your family. We understand it’s uncomfortable to feel you have little control over your energy use. That’s why Rectify has helped over 900 families install a solar power system and invest in their future. Together, we’ve saved over 1.8 Billion dollars in electric bills for homeowners just like you. That’s enough to power 1,250,000 million homes for a whole year!

We know what it takes to save money and give you control of your future. Getting started is easy.

1. Talk to an Energy Expert. Learn how much you can save
2. Create your Solar Energy Plan. See how easy it is to take a stand for your family
3. Invest in Your Future. Save money while making an impact.

Are you ready to invest in your future? Contact us to create your Solar Energy Plan today. Together, we can inspire others to be a leader in their community and take control of their energy bill.

Rectify, LLC is a family-owned business with offices in Indianapolis and Ellettsville Indiana and Campbell, California.  We strive to promote energy efficiency, sustainability, and helping our customers to save money with solar installation, battery systems, electric vehicle charging stations, insulation, roofing and more.

With a heritage of 750+ completed solar installations and 10+ years experience, we are confident that you will be pleased with our quality installations and your beautiful, reliable, award winning system.  We offer zero down financing for ANY energy efficiency upgrade when paired with solar*.  We offer an unmatched 25 year warranty on our solar products and a 5 year warranty on our installation services.

Safety and quality is our top priority. That’s why we are trained in OSHA safety, as well as certified by the EPA in lead safety.

phil Teague

Phil Teague

NABCEP Advanced, IU Grad, 2015 Green Light Award Winner, 2017 SBA Emerging Leaders, 2019 Energy News 40 under 40 Award.

Phil is originally from Bloomington, Indiana, where he attended Indiana University and received a BS in Nutrition and Chemistry.  Upon graduation Phil worked in SPEA in their Environmental Research lab, where he collected and analyzed data for the EPA on CO2 emissions and water contamination of pesticides and PCBs of the great lakes area.

Due to his high student loan debt, and tired of working 4 part time jobs with a college degree; in 2007 he accepted a job working in an oil refinery.  It was this experience that gave him the perspective that he current has and why he started Rectify.  Read all about this path HERE. In 2013, as well as building Rectify he was enrolled in school to obtain a degree in Energy Engineering, but as it turned out, in his 3rd semester of school business with Rectify picked up much faster than he had anticipated, and quit school and started working full time in the growth and expansion of the Rectify mission.

Phil is a Board Member of the Indiana Renewable Energy Association (InREA). He’s helped to coordinate solar tours, has been a panelist for the solar industry for the Monroe County Builders Association, for the Sierra Club, IUPUI and given multiple solar presentations to schools, non-profits, and businesses throughout the state.

frank teague

Frank Teague

NABCEP Advanced, California C-46 Licensed, Vincennes University Grad, installing since 2007

Frank graduated from Bloomington High School North, where he attended Hoosier Hills Career Center for Building Trades and Architectural and Mechanical drafting. After receiving top honors at the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) building competition, he further pursued his aspirations in the construction Industry by graduating from Vincennes University with a degree in Construction Technology. In 2002 he was hired at a remodeling company in Martinsville, IN where he was able to put his skills to use. He joined the Sheet-Metal Union apprentice program in 2004.

2006 was a big turning point in his life, moving across the country to Santa Cruz, CA, where he initially worked for a developer doing Quality Control work, and quickly moved into the role of Superintendent. He realized being efficient on a job site made a huge impact on quality and overall performance, and decided to incorporate his new found love for efficiency in all aspects of his life. In 2007 Frank started installing Photovoltaic Systems for one of the top solar installation companies in the nation. There, he led installation teams performing approximately 500 installs in three years. He ended the company’s installation era as the Safety and Training Coordinator/Technician. In 2011, he began training companies all over the globe on how to install award winning solar panels. 2012 saw him become the company’s California c46 license holder. Approaching the summer of 2013, Rectify Solar, LLC became a sure thing. That year Frank became EPA – RRP Certified, which ensures compliance to maintain a safe working environment free from lead. In 2014, Frank became a trained Home Energy Audit Inspector.

Mike O’Banyel

Chief Administrative Officer

Mike came to Rectify out of retirement after having been a partner in an insurance agency for 20+ years, and then teaching for another 12 years. Mike met Rectify Co-Founder Phil Teague at church, and when he put out a call for help, Mike answered – first as a 15 hour a week employee, and now as the CAO of Rectify. Mike attended Purdue University to study Philosophy and Psychology, and then later in life he attended IUPUI for his teaching license.

Mike is married to Jill – who has kept him on the straight and narrow for 34 years – and they are the proud parents of 4 boys, Kevin, Ryan, Sean and Colin, and grandparents of Lachlan and Izzy.

Mike is having a blast in this “late-in-life” profession working at Rectify and he enjoys helping our customers meet their goals and needs! 

Rick Johnson

California EPC Director

With almost a decade in the solar business Rick Johnson brings high level skills in organization, communications, attention to detail, complex problem solving and planning. As EPC Director Rick is responsible for partnership and business development in California. Rick believes in superior customer satisfaction and these skills are not only an asset to Rectify but more importantly our customers.

Rick was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina and relocated to San Jose, CA at the age of 5 years old. Rick attended San Jose City College and has a passion for sports including Football, Baseball and Wrestling. When he’s not leading the Rectify sales force you may find Rick supporting his favorite football team the San Francisco 49ers.

Rick is excited to bring his wealth of knowledge from the solar industry to support current and future Rectify customers on their solar journey.

Rob Cornes

Marketing Director

With over a decade of experience in marketing, communications and design, Rob brings a plethora of tools and techniques to ensure Rectify has an established and professional brand in the marketplace. Staying connected to our customers and community is important and Rob has helped expand that connection since being with the company for almost 2 years.

Rob was born and raised in the UK and currently lives in San Marcos, CA with his wife Ashley and two sons Corben and Oliver. When Rob is not learning from the next online marketing guru you will find him out on the golf course or playing guitar.

Travis Summitt

Energy Consultant

After multiple years working in sales/marketing at sustainable businesses and start ups, Travis has joined Rectify to work with clients on understanding the benefits of going solar and providing them a solution that meets their needs. Travis has managed marketing and sales efforts in a variety of organizations,  starting with a company in the organic produce and natural grocery delivery industry, then to a start-up focusing on delivering local farmers’ foods, and most recently at a landscaping business that focuses on native plants and urban agriculture before jumping on board with Rectify. His goal in every position has been to educate clients and promote sustainability efforts whether in food, landscaping, or solar panel installations. He is passionate about working at companies with missions that align with his own goals and is determined to use his experience and talents to promote a product in which he believes. He takes the concept of “Be the change you want to see in the world” very seriously and is motivated to move this industry forward.

Travis is originally from Hendricks County and after attending Hanover College where he studied nutrition and business, he has made Indianapolis his home. He’s an avid bicyclist and regularly travels from the SoBro neighborhood to various spots around the city. When he gets the chance to get out of the city, he’ll take an adventure to the woods for some camping and backpacking with his travel buddy, Chipper the Australian shepherd. As a conscious consumer, he knows how to vote with his dollar and will often support local farmers at the market, local businesses in the neighborhood, and local restaurants as well. As a lifelong learner, Travis is excited to combine his background and further education to promote sustainability efforts across the board.

Stephen Thompson

Energy Consultant

Stephen is an Energy Consultant who works with homeowners and businesses to own their energy and provide a green solution for sustainment and reliability.
Stephen believes Solar is the best way to combine his skills and help as many people as possible. Stephen has dedicated his life to helping others and his past employment proves that. At 18 he joined the Army and continued his service in the Reserves until 2020. EMT, HVAC, and Diesel Technician are just a few of his certifications. When he’s not keeping up with the latest advancements in Solar, Stephen loves anything outdoors. Hunting, fishing, and bush-craft style camping are his favorites. He also enjoys building/fixing thing and passing these skills on to his young daughter and those around him.

Tim Dumas

Master Electrician

Corporal Timothy Dumas originally from Massachusetts, graduated from vocational school with an electrical theory major. When he was 21 yrs old he became a Licensed Master Electrician and worked largely in new home construction.  Tim worked for a short time as a lineman at a smaller municipal utility before moving to Indiana. After gaining his Master Electrician license in Indiana he joined the Indiana National Guard and started Showcase Electric in Bloomington, IN in 2013.  In 2020 Rectify and Showcase Electric entered into a buy-sell agreement, and we are very excited about the partnership.

Tim’s persistent work ethic and creativity pushes him to think outside the box and accomplish electric projects others say are too hard or can’t be done. Tim has completed projects for grocery stores, malls, office buildings, custom homes, spec homes, log cabins, warehouses, military installations, restaurants and bars, and all kinds of temporary power situations. His work has been featured in many magazines and marketing material.

"Our solar panels are beautiful and we're producing all of our own power plus extra energy for the grid. The folks at Rectify are truly awesome people and we couldn't be happier with our system."

Lanette Erby-Abbott

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With a heritage of 750+ completed solar installations and 10+ years experience, we are confident that you will be pleased with our quality installations and your beautiful, reliable, award winning system.

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We are confident that you will be pleased with our quality installations and your beautiful, reliable, award winning system.


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